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Official Drinko Board Sponsord by BLB · Mansfield

Swing on by Saturday 6-18-11 to have a shot at the official Drinko Board sponsored by Buffett Loves Boobs

The Ice Man · Mansfield, Comcast Center, MA

The Ice Man! This was a big hit – great stuff this year as well – Look for "Drinko” and maybe some lucky lady will get a turn on the Ice Man. The Buffett Loves Boobs crew will be at the Comcast Center on the 18th of June 2011.

Margaritaville, South Pacific · Fiji

My Only memory of Jimmy Buffet isnt even mine- but the story is fantastic; Apparently Jimmy and my friend Dave share a birthday- Well once while in Fiji "guess who" bumped into Dave on a nearby pier? Yup; and the rest was a three day party. At least the way Dave tells it! Mobile phones and cameras didnt exist back then, nor do I think any pictures were preserved. Use your imagination! Thanks DIRV!

Mansfield - 2011 · Mansfield, MA

Only 13 days before we are in Fin Land!!

Wedding Reception · Sugarloaf Key, FL

I saw Buffett Play at a wedding, see some of the footage here, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vCqAid1DxHo

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